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October 2022


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“Metamorphosis”: ‘The transition - by natural or supernatural means - of a person, thing or concept, to an entirely different form. A sudden change of character or a transformation into stages’.

The ultimate symbol of optimism: The caterpillar that will first live as a chrysalis before its final form. Before the "after" when it takes on the final form of a beautiful and vibrantly colorful butterfly.

In life, we all have different experiences of transformation - collective, individual, and/or deeply personal. Whether a moment, or a wider time era, we will all go through our own transformations,, if we haven’t already. Just like the sun sets every evening and rises the next day, change is inevitable.

In this year's edition of TEDxPatras, we have been called upon to participate in exercises around us. To embark upon a journey of self-discovery in order to realize that the paths we are following are intertwined with change. We will explore, reflect upon, and spread new optimistic transformational prospects, without forgetting the starting points of our own unique journeys and telling our own stories. We are the memory, the perspective and the action - but often, we are their absence.

The concept of "transformation" embodies changes and challenges that affects today's technology, education, human relations, art, and entertainment for individuals, and society as a whole.

Metamorphosis gives us hope. It is the silver lining of the cloud, the shining light at the end of the bleak tunnel, a child’s laughter, the smell of freshly baked bread, and the promise that no matter how rough life may seem, things will get better. It inspires new motivations for both discovery, and knowledge. It offers endless possibilities and new perspectives to open up whole new worlds entirely. It is both terrifying and exciting, in equal measure.

Are you ready to embark upon a journey that will lead you down a road of self-discovery and improvement, ultimately leading to your brand-new life?


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A full day of ideas and connections

Your TEDx Experience

A 12-hour vitality, excitement, emotion and subversion. Three sessions of talks, curated workshops, fireside chats, opportunities to make connections, space for conversation and time to celebrate together! Be part to co-create an unforgettable gathering and play your role to catalyze the impossible into action!

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Conference & Cultural Center of the University of Patras

University Campus, GR 265 04 Patras

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TEDxPatras is the leading platform for ideas, creativity and innovation in Western Greece. It aims to highlight and promote the idea of TED to the regions's audience. TEDxPatras is organized by a team of volunteers whose aim is to create experiences that can alter, improve and enhance the way of thinking of both their peers and the society they live in.

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