The Cantistoria band get on the stage of TEDxPatras 2022, ready to take us on a musical journey through time and space – a journey with medieval elements and plenty of romance. Starting from the Puglia region to sing the unfulfilled love of a couple, whose fate was not destined to be together, they will then join the dance in a French medieval fair and get inspired by their fellow travellers to sing their own “Moonstruck”, ending up in Napoleonic-era Britain, to listen to the unbearable pain of a mother upon seeing her son returning from the front.

About the performers…

The Cantistoria band, through their music and lyrics, crosses geographically an imaginary journey from medieval Europe with its cantadas, to America with its blues and folk ballads. Their “singing stories” warmly embrace folk traditions and approach the same timeless, eternal, universal human anxieties, which are not defined by specific temporal, regional, linguistic and stylistic contexts.

They consist of:

Sofia Raftoulis (accordion/song)

Konstantinos Yiotsopoulos (acoustic/electric guitar)

George Papageorgiou (lute/mandolin)

George Barakos (percussion)