Artemis Baltoyanni

Art Advisor and Founder of the Intermission


Art can spark a metamorphosis of individuals, communities, ideologies, and beliefs.

Art Advisor Artemis Baltoyanni, shares a road map to collecting and how to reap its benefits without having to buy art. She claims the freedom in applying to mean that contemporary art gives you as well as opens up possibilities on a mental and spiritual level.

On October 8th, Artemis Baltoyanni comes to the TEDxPatras stage, in order to create the spark needed to engage with contemporary art, develop our imagination and creativity, and get us acquainted with conceptual abstract thinking. In short, she will show us a great path to personal discovery and growth.

About the Speaker

Artemis Baltoyanni is an independent art advisor and founder of “The Intermission” exhibition space in Piraeus. She has brought a conceptually fluid, market-conscious approach to the field of art advising since 2013. Baltoyanni has organized numerous presentations of art at a variety of international venues over the last decade. Formerly, Baltoyanni served as director at Venus over Manhattan in New York. She has also worked for Paul McCabe Fine Art advisory services in New York and in the studio of artist Elizabeth Peyton.