Børge Ousland

Polar Explorer, Photographer & Writer


Norwegian polar explorer and prolific author Børge Ousland, is the “most successful explorer alive”, according to National Geographic.

As a TEDxPatras 2022 speaker, he will discuss exploring the North Pole and the process of altering motivation and mental health. Confronted with disruptive situations and unfavourable conditions, he reminds us that searching for and finding the problem or the solution is a personal priority.

About the Speaker

Børge Ousland is a Norwegian explorer, photographer and writer. On January 18, 1997, he became the first man to traverse Antarctica by himself. Before dedicating his whole life to exploration, he was involved in deep-sea diving in the North Sea for many years. He is regarded as one of the most accomplished arctic explorers of our time, according to National Geographic.

Børge solemnly proves that it is possible to do the ‘impossible’, after navigating some of the most challenging routes on Earth, often all alone. Rigorous planning, defying fear and finding motivation, even in the most seemingly hopeless moments, are among the secrets that have repeatedly led him to success.

In 2006 Børge collaborated with Mike Horn, in carrying out one of the most technically challenging missions in human history. He crossed the North Pole unsupported, during the dark winter. After that mission, he highlighted the importance of cooperation, empathy, dedication, and vision.

Børge Ousland has won various international honors and awards for his expeditions. He currently lives in Oslo, Norway, with his wife Hege and their daughter Ingeborg.