Javier Perez Estrella

Digital Creator


Being creative is extremely challenging. Javier Perez, a digital artist, knows this first hand. What do we do when nothing seems to inspire us and everything seems blocked?

Javier, aka cintascotch, takes to the TEDxPatras stage to give us the answer. Perhaps, it will resonate with our own experiences. The world around us is a source of infinite inspiration; as long as we see it in the right way. His aim is to encourage everyone to (re)find their creative mind.

About the Speaker…

Javier Pérez Estrella, aka cintascotch, is a digital artist of stop motion and minimalist illustrations, from Guayaquil-Ecuador, who, through the challenges of everyday life, manages to find the charm behind everything, and thus, has the desire to capture them in his own unique way and to connect with them.

A contributor to the “Cafeína” agency, has gained international fame through his “Instagram Experiments” project, and has worked with international brands such as Samsung, Santillana, Shutterstock, Volkswagen, and National Geographic. He has won numerous global poster and illustration awards, including IMMA5 Motion 2022, Lux Awards, Pictoline Illustration Biennial 2020, and LAD Awards 2021.

His motto, “Create each day, regardless of your skills!”