Maria Polyzou

Marathon Champion, Holder of National Record and Authentic Route, Author


Transformation takes place at all levels. Physical, spiritual and mental. Every moment, every hour of the day, of our life, one changes. Some of these transformations are felt and some are not, but they continue to happen and we will see them in the future. It’s all about training. How far do you want to go? How much do you want to change? And how badly do you need to improve? It’s all about training. Every moment we train, with our body, mind and soul. Depending on the situations that happen to us and depending on what we want to achieve, we should train accordingly. Life is training.

Maria Polyzou will finish on October 8 on the stage of TEDxPatras, to share with us her experience and the equipment we need to reach the top.

About the Speaker

Maria Polyzou is an accomplished athlete, holder of the Greek record in the road marathon and the first Greek woman to compete in a marathon at the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996. She is the only woman from ancient times to the present day who has managed to repeat the Pheidippideian Games. In seven days she covered 524 kilometers, a distance that corresponds to approximately 13 marathons (42km).

Among other things, she has been elected an ambassador of the Marathon Road, she is a long-distance coach, a writer and actively supports the fight against breast cancer and violence against women.