Olivia Gambelin

AI Ethicist and Founder & CEO of Ethical Intelligence


Even before the ancient Greek philosophers had written their first words, humans had been using ethics as a tool in the pursuit of living a good life.

Flash forward to the modern day, and we find before us the opportunity to utilize this very same tool in the pursuit of good tech. As current innovation practices in tech today fall flat off our world-changing aspirations, how can we look to transform the ancient practice of applying ethics to our lives into the modern-day practice of applying ethics to AI?

Olivia Gambelin will reveal, on October 8, at the TEDxPatras stage, that it’s high time we pursued good technology, through a new form of innovation in Artificial Intelligence – one that focuses on human flourishing and values.

About the Speaker

Olivia is an AI Ethicist who specializes in the practical application of ethics to technological innovation and the founder of Ethical Intelligence.

Originally from the Silicon Valley, Olivia began her career working in digital strategy for tech startups. Following her graduation from the Honors College of Baylor University with a BA in Philosophy and Entrepreneurship, Olivia moved overseas to pursue the opportunity to expand her international network as a GDPR and data privacy researcher in Brussels. This experience prompted her return to academia to obtain her MSc in Philosophy, concentration in AI Ethics, at the University of Edinburgh. During her time in Scotland, Olivia co-founded the Beneficial AI Society and completed her dissertation with distinction on the effects of probability on the moral responsibility of autonomous cars.

Currently, Olivia works as the Founder and CEO of Ethical Intelligence where she leads a remote team of over seventy experts in the Tech Ethics field. Additionally, she is on the Founding Editorial Board for Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics Journal, Co-Chair of IEEE’s AI Expert Network Criteria Committee, and is on the Advisory Board of the Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG).