Alexandra Goudis

Speakers Communication Manager


Alexandra was born in Manchester. She holds an MSc in Financial and Business Economics from the University of Essex and currently lives in Patras and works at the Library and Information Center of the University of Patras.
She conducts research on Regional Economics and Clustering aiming at obtaining a postgraduate doctoral degree from the University of Patras.
Furthermore, she is engaged in a European research project on Citizen -enhanced open science in Southeastern Europe Higher Education knowledge hubs (CEOs SE).
In 2015, she co-curated the first TEDxPatras ‘Sea of Voices’ and since then she is proud to be part of the TEDxPatras team.
Her personality is based on her artistic aptitude and the gene of shyness. She loves nature, travelling, painting, choosing oldies music for her radio show, reading books at her favorite café, Italian cuisine, hats and her precious dog. Over the 2 years of quarantine and isolation, she made the most of her time by writing a book-guide for the city of Patras.