Giannis Altanopoulos

Co-Founder & Curator


Giannis serves as Curator and Co-Founder of TEDxPatras since 2014. A TED enthusiast as he has attended several TEDx events and the TEDFest 2018 in New York (an annual gathering of TEDx organizers from all over the world). He is a professional at the intersection of Marketing and Talent Development, focusing on developing effective solutions to engage and grow talent delivering exceptional value and organizational growth through innovative and forward-thinking programs and strategies. Giannis has experience in various projects on research development, science communication and marketing management. Giannis has private sector experience in Education, Retail and Media as a digital marketing partner. He has extensive experience in supporting and organizing events, workshops, trainings and bootcamps with more than 100 events in Greece and Europe and more than 30 large-scale conferences. Giannis displays expertise in Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Branding Management, Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition. Giannis holds an MSc degree in Marketing and Communication from the Athens University of Economics & Business and a BCs in Business Administration at the University of Patras. His research interests include Talent Marketing and Brand Management. Giannis is actively engaged in volunteering and participates in initiatives to communicate innovative ideas and science. He loves playing the piano and composing music.