Ilias Karachalios

Experience Team and Sustainability


My passion for constantly changing the world in order to be a better place, was discovered while I was discovering myself. I never stop studying, because I want to discover more. I consider myself as an Environmental Educator (BSc Environmental Management, intMEng Environmental Engineer, MSc Environmental Conservation, MEd Special Education and currently PhD candidate in Environmental Education). I love getting people excited about the things I’m excited about. Right now, that’s how we can change the world through education.

Outside of work, I’m committed to education and activities with social impact. I’m fluent in English (and speak a little french), and am always looking to brush up my language skills over coffee or drinks. If you challenge me , you ‘ll motivate me. I live a “normal” life but I’m always ready to travel and escape. I already lived in 3 countries and traveled to 46.